True North Seed Potato Company

Company Overview

Changing the ordinary into the extraordinaryTrue North is a strategic alliance between two companies near Outlook Saskatchewan. One is an accomplished potato management company and the other is made up of irrigation land owners. There is 2500 acres of irrigated land committed to True North under contract. This arrangement has resulted in a high generation seed potato farm that produces in the range of 6000 tons of top quality seed each year. This seed is available to other seed growers for reproduction.

Corporate Structure

True North Seed Potato Co. Ltd. Is equally owned by two distinct shareholders, HB Management Ltd. and Green Valley Farms Ltd. The following chart illustrates the ownership structure of True North Seed Potato Co. Ltd.

The officers and directors of True North are:

Chairman of the Board
Harry Meyers

Greg Sommerfeld

Norm Ballek

Barry Akins

Shareholder Profiles

HB Management Ltd.

HB ManagementHB Management Ltd. of Outlook, Saskatchewan is a potato production and marketing management service company. It provides total production, storage and marketing management to potato and vegetable farms. This service also includes financial management and brokerage services. HB Management Ltd. is owned equally by Harry Meyers and Barry Akins of Outlook.

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